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White Corrugated Kraft Tray


Great for serving pasta and any other takeaway food. Wide range of takeaway clamshells, food trays and chip cups, various sizes available. Durable eco-friendly products, eco-chic look. Biodegradable and compostable. 100% recyclable.

Small  130x91x50 mm | 500pc 

Small Square 178x178x45 mm | 250pc 

Medium 180x134x45 mm | 250pc 

Large 152x225x45 mm | 250pc 

X Large 252x179x58 mm | 100pc

Hotdog 210x70x36 mm | 600pc

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White Corrugated Kraft Tray


Certified HACCP for Food Safety

Guaranteed safety with cups produced under stringent HACCP certifications, ensuring food safety compliance.

High Quality – ISO 9001 Certified

ISO 9001 certification promises superior quality management and customer satisfaction in every batch.

In-House Design Team

Benefit from expert design services to create the perfect custom cup, with full support available for your branding needs.

Premium Food Packaging

Our selection of premium food packaging products ensures that your food items remain fresh and presentable. Whether you are looking for durable packaging for delivery or stylish containers for your café, we have got you covered.

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Your Designs on Cups
Create a lasting impression with custom designs on our high-quality cups. Perfect for promoting your brand and offering a unique touch to your customers. Click Here for Custom cups.

Ready Designs
Choose from a variety of pre-designed cups that are ready to ship. These designs are crafted to suit various themes and occasions, ensuring you have something special for every need. Click Here for Ready Designs of cups.

Plain Cups
For a minimalist approach, our plain cups offer simplicity and versatility. Ideal for any event or establishment, these cups are a staple for serving beverages without the fuss. Click Here for Plain cups series.

Premium Food Packaging
Our premium food packaging solutions are designed to keep your food safe and fresh. These packaging options are perfect for both takeout and delivery, ensuring your customers enjoy their meals as intended. Click Here for Premium Packaging series.


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